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Thank you for your interest in ION Indie Magazine -- the fastest growing all genre independent music publication today! We pride ourselves on getting independent music read about, seen, and heard! We are the initiative for indie music, worldwide.


All artists submitting for consideration to be featured in ION Indie Magazine are expected to follow our set procedures. We do not accept submissions via social media outlets (DM or Messenger), through our journalists or editor directly, or any other method other than our established guidelines, which are as follows: 


Submissions must be sent to 


NOTICE: Your submission to ION Indie Magazine constitutes your agreement to allow us to feature or otherwise utilize your content in our publication, on our website, or for any other promotional uses. If your song is selected to stream in our magazine, a waiver form must be completed. This form will be provided by the journalist with whom you are working. We will NOT sell or otherwise financially benefit from your music nor do we allow downloading of your music.


Below we have a list of the items to include in your submission that will help organize you and give you the best probability of a positive result. Please -- one artist/band per submission! We will not accept multiple submissions in the same email. Keep in mind, we are a volunteer staff and we receive thousands of emails per month. It is impossible to send a personal reply to each submission. Thus, If you are selected to appear in our publication, someone from our staff will contact you directly. DO NOT ADD US TO MAILING LISTS! We will immediately unsubscribe.


  • Your name, email, and a phone number where you can be reached, along with the artist/band's name, genre and location

  • 2 or 3 MP3's -- mix it up...variety is good! Also, provide a link to an official music video

  • Links to your website/artist platforms/social media pages

  • A high-resolution image of your/your band

  • We will accept an EPK that includes the above, however, do not add us to mailing lists!

  • It is helpful to include a tour schedule

Email your submission:


Those artists who are selected to appear in our publication also have the additional opportunity to have their music forwarded to our large network of broadcast partners -- a group of respected and licensed internet stations that share our passion for independent music. To have your music stream in our magazine or to participate in our Music Share Program, a Waiver Form must be completed by the artist or band's representative. This is an extra effort that ION Indie Magazine makes in order to assist in getting independent music heard. NO other music publication today has this innovative program or actively works toward garnering airplay for independent artists! ION Indie Magazine never charges artists for ANYTHING...and our publication is free to read. 


ION Indie Magazine has other opportunities for independent artists to consider...

We additionally have our own all-genre ION Indie Magazine-powered syndicated radio show, Eye On Jamz with host Tim Board. Send your submission for airplay/interview consideration to eyeonjamz@ionindiemagazine.comIf selected, you will be notified.


Finally, we have an ongoing campaign in conjunction with ReverbNation where we feature one artist per issue in ION Indie Magazine. In order to be named our "ReverbNation Featured Artist" you must receive this opportunity directly through ReverbNation's channels and submit to our current campaign directly through the ReverbNation platform.

For all other inquiries NOT related to submissions, write to
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