ION Indie Magazine is comprised of a volunteer team of journalists, photojournalists and music industry professionals who share the same passion for independent music. Many members of the ION journalistic team are musicians themselves, thus, they understand the struggles of today's artists. One of these hurdles is acquiring media coverage, which is a necessary element to promote their music. ION Indie Magazine was founded on the premise of providing valuable exposure in an effort to support the careers of hard-working and career-minded artists of all genres worldwide. To this end, each of the dedicated individuals of the staff of ION Indie Magazine lends their time and talent to produce an indie-focused publication that is both informative and entertaining, served in an interactive format.  

Meet The Staff

KIKI PLESHA (THE FAIRY ROCK MOTHER) // Editor-in-Chief / Art Director


Founder, CEO, Editor-in-Chief, and Art Director Kiki Plesha began her career working in Marketing & Advertising for the legendary late-night talk show king, Johnny Carson. This led to a career in journalism and public relations. Kiki envisioned a way that she could tap into her talents for the betterment of indie artists everywhere, and ION Indie Magazine is the result of that vision. She considers ION as her "love letter to independent music." Kiki wears many hats -- besides being a busy publicist, she is a television producer for IndieCast TV. She is also affectionately known as The Fairy Rock Mother -- a moniker assigned due to her many contributions over the years assisting independent artists by supporting their careers.


Contact Kiki at kplesha@ionindiemagazine.com

MARTY HAVIIK // Managing Editor / Senior Photojournalist / Instagram Manager


Managing Editor and Senior Photojournalist for ION Marty Haviik is a photographer, media professional, musician, U.S. Army veteran, and proud Steelers fan. Originally from East LA and now sunbathing in sunny Tucson, Arizona, Marty has worked with and shared the stage with such greats as Motörhead, Mötley Crϋe, Warrant, and Stephan Pearcy of RATT. A photojournalist since ‘98, he has photographed over 150 celebrities, artists, and bands, including Jeremiah Bitsui of TMC's Breaking Bad, Pandora's CEO Tim Westergren, and the band Hollywood Undead. He works for the AZ Division of Developmental Disability and additionally owns Arizona Thunder Photography. Marty has delivered several compelling cover stories/interviews, including Gabriel Ayala, Stryper, and Lenny Mental of The Besmirchers -- along with dynamic images direct from his lens to our pages! Marty additionally oversees our Instagram page. Learn more about Marty's photography at https://azthunderphot9.wixsite.com/azthunderphoto   


Contact Marty at mhaviik@ionindiemagazine.com

JB BRIDGES // Co-Founder / Senior Photojournalist

Co-founder of ION Indie Magazine JB Bridges also serves as a Senior Photojournalist for the publication, besides being a prolific writer who has penned numerous compelling articles for the magazine. JB has created two columns for ION, “Twelve Bars Stars," reporting on independent blues music and “Venue on the Menu," which spotlights music venues worldwide. JB has additionally authored several cover stories featuring such notable indies as swamp metal band Silversel, hip hop artist International Nova, country music sensation Ashley Wineland, and the iconic multi-faceted singer Kaz Hawkins. Residing in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, JB's lens is turned toward the throngs of talented artists of all genres that appear in the many venues and festivals of this popular music hub. 

Contact JB at jbridges@ionindiemagazine.com

JERRY PERRY // Broadcast Media Coordinator / Senior Journalist

Broadcast Media Coordinator and Senior Journalist/Photojournalist Jere Perry makes his home in North Carolina and is a founding member of ION besides being a musician himself. Jere oversees our “Music Share Program,” coordinating the music of the artists appearing in our pages and forwarding it to our broadcast partners for consideration for airplay. Due to Jere's tireless efforts, the music of numerous independent artists and bands is now heard on stations around the world! This is key in realizing ION Indie Magazine’s mission to get independent music read about, seen, and HEARD! Jere has authored several cover stories, including bands Another Lost Year and Silvertung and hip hop’s own Crucifix. Visit Jere’s Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/JP-Rawkin-Photography-1599721136954951


Contact Jere at jperry@ionindiemagazine.com

DANIEL JOHNSON // Media Coverage Coordinator / Senior Photojournalist

Bostonian Daniel “The Dagda” Johnson serves as our Media Coverage Coordinator, acting as a liaison between our journalistic staff and the “gatekeepers” for the recognized names that appear in our magazine. He is additionally a Senior Photojournalist for ION, who has branched out from behind the lens to author several cover/feature articles for ION. Daniel first came to the editor's attention when his photography was utilized in a feature interview with the band Leaving Eden for ION -- you could say that Daniel joining the staff was destiny! Daniel continuously brings phenomenal content to ION, but perhaps his biggest scoop to date was his interviews with none other than Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood! Check out his exceptional photography on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/DagdaPhotography

Contact Daniel at djohnson@ionindiemagazine.com

ERIKA JOHNSON // Senior Journalist 

Senior Journalist and experienced interviewer Erika Johnson is a published writer. In addition, she's Daniel “The Dagda’s” Johnson’s “partner in crime” -- both in and out of the music scene. Erika fell in love with music at a young age gaining further exposure through high school, college, and graduate school, while working for Record Town and FYE selling cassettes, then CDs. Erika loves to dive below the surface when interviewing artists, learning who they are at their core. Writing has always been one of her favorite ways of self-expression. Erika has reported on various concerts around the Boston area for ION Indie Magazine and authored the cover story and conducted the insightful interview with alternative country artist Chris Moreno. We are thrilled that Erika now brings her passion for the written word to the pages of ION Indie Magazine!


Contact Erika at ejohnson@ionindiemagazine.com

LEE HOFFMAN // Senior Photojournalist

Senior Photojournalist for ION and long-time member of our staff, Lee Hoffman, is based out of Buffalo, New York, and has a style of photography that is “uniquely Hoffman” and widely appreciated by our readers. Lee has a true passion for the indies and has captured a plethora of artists/bands through his lens for this publication; along with various events and festivals. He is a familiar face at Buffalo venues and other New York area-based music-based events. His photography is action-rich, dramatic, and dynamic, and really brings the pages of ION Indie Magazine to life! Check out more of Lee's work on Facebook at  http://www.facebook.com/leehoffmanphoto

Contact Lee at lhoffman@ionindiemagazine.com

MAL WHICHELOW // Senior Photojournalist

Our UK correspondent, Sheffield-based Mal Whichelow, has been taking photos of bands/singers for the last three years, starting off with the local unsigned talent in local bars and venues, later covering more well-known musicians at festivals and clubs for various online magazines. An avid supporter of the unsigned scene, he is regularly out photographing up-and-coming musicians. Mal recently delivered the cover feature on the UK singing sensation and “Blues Vocalist of the Year” Rebecca Downes. We are delighted to be able to share Mal’s photographic point of view with the readers of ION Indie Magazine. Learn more about Mal's photography at https://www.facebook.com/MalWhichelowPhotography


Contact Mal at mwhichelow@ionindiemagazine.com

SCOTT WIKLE  //  Journalist


Scott Wikle has a long history as Program Director and on-air host of My Kind of Country, featuring the best of traditional country music. He joins the ION Indie Magazine journalistic family covering traditional country music. Scott has worked in the music industry for over 30 years as a musician, retail store manager, promoter, and broadcaster and has conducted hundreds of interviews with compelling guests and country music legends such as Merle Haggard, Charlie Daniels, Gene Watson, Mac Wiseman, Freddie Hart, Bobby Bare, David Frizzell, Lacy J. Dalton, Charley Pride, Moe Bandy, and more. A fun fact for music geeks -- Scott has the largest, complete collection of Merle Haggard recordings worldwide. Recently, Scott was awarded the "DJ of the Year" award (2020) by the Academy of Western Artists. He is additionally a NACMAI Hall of Fame Member, a 2018 Academy of Western Artists Nominee, and his station has been voted “Radio Station Of The Year” in 2017 and 2018. 


Contact Scott at scottwikle@gmail.com

LINDSAY ANN SNYDER // Photojournalist

Lindsay Ann Snyder_HEADSHOT WEBSITE.png

ION Indie Magazine photojournalist Lindsay Ann Snyder is a native New Yorker who is now based out of Atlanta. When not behind the lens, she is also a wife, cat mom, hairdresser, and a musician. Photography has always been a passion of Lindsay Ann’s for as long as she can remember. In fact, from a young age, you can say that she’s never been camera shy! As an artist, she naturally sees things from a different perspective and she is always looking for creative elements in the simplest things. She enjoys having the ability to capture moments as they are happening -- even if they don’t seem to be picture-worthy to the naked eye. As Lindsay Ann puts it, “Life is a gift! For as long as I’m living, I want to have something tangible to remember my lifetime by and I hope I can do the same for those around me. Photography gives me that outlet. I’m looking forward to sharing my artistry and connecting with y’all! Thanks for being a part of my journey!” Learn more about Lindsay Ann Snyder and her photography at http://www.photosbylindsayann.com

Contact Lindsay Ann at lsnyder@ionindiemagazine.com


TIM BOARD  // Journalist / Eye On Jamz Radio Show Host


ION Indie Magazine’s all-genre globally-syndicated independent music radio show, Eye On Jamz, is hosted by Texas-based popular on-air personality, Tim Board. Growing up in St. Louis, Tim was bitten with the passion for radio while listening to music on KSHE 95FM sports and late-night talk on KMOX 1120AM.  While pursuing higher education, Tim developed his skills at the college radio station. His passion for broadcast steered him toward obtaining his degree in communications. After college, Tim worked for a few years at various small commercial radio stations in Central Missouri. Tim has interviewed such artists as Zak Sloan, Swirl, Kill for Eden, Whiskey Kate, Cass Clayton, Michal Towber, Cliff Wheeler Band, and many others. Tim now lends his gift of gab to Eye On Jamz. In addition, Tim also oversees our campaigns with ReverbNation and contributes our "ReverbNation Featured Artist" coverage for ION Indie Magazine. Check for Eye On Jamz days, times, and stations at www.ionindiemagazine.com/eye-on-jamz-radio

For the magazine, contact Tim at tboard@ionindiemagazine.com 

For the radio show, contact Tim at eyeonjamz@ionindiemagazine.com