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ION Indie Magazine is a firm believer that there is strength in numbers. In our pursuit to get independent music read about, seen, and heard, we partner with many music-related businesses and sponsor various events that share our vision. Some of these valued relationships are with broadcasters. Partnering with radio stations is a natural alliance. Media coverage is paramount to today's career-minded artists. ION Indie Magazine was founded on this premise. Equally vital to artists is radio airplay. To this end, we made the decision to partner with numerous radio stations and have developed our innovative “Music Share Program” in conjunction with our Promotional Partner opportunity.

As ION Indie Magazine is fully interactive, we have the ability to stream the music of the artists that appear in our pages. But why stop there? As an integral part of advancing the career of any career-minded artist is procuring radio airplay…why not forward this music to quality licensed broadcasters that share our passion for independent music and increase that music's exposure? This is in keeping with our commitment toward getting independent music HEARD! 


With each edition of ION Indie Magazine, our Broadcast Media Coordinator forwards the music that streams in our magazine to our broadcast partners for consideration for their rotations. Of course, not all the music is right for every station's format -- we understand that. ION Indie Magazine does NOT require that the station agree to broadcast the music. However, we hope that if it is compatible with the station's programming and if the programming director likes it as much as we do -- that they will be inspired to add it to their rotation. The result is that everybody wins! ION provides the artist media coverage and streams this exceptional music in our magazine, the radio station benefits by receiving "fresh" music of a variety of genres and if it fits their programming they will share it with their listeners, and the independent artist receives valuable exposure in two very effective ways! Due to this program and the cooperation of numerous broadcasters, literally, thousands of artists' music is in regular rotation on stations around the world.


What is required to join our Promotion Partner Program? It’s simple! We both agree to display our mutual logos and web links on our websites. Having and maintaining an active website is mandatory for participation and displaying the ION logo and link on your site is required. This is a show of solidarity for our mutual platforms and represents our combined commitment to independent artists and their music. In return, not only will our Broadcast Media Coordinator forward the music that streams in our bi-monthly publication, but we take our commitment to our valued broadcast partners one step farther...besides listing your logo/link on our website under “Our Partners" we will also display your logo and clickable link in our publication, providing additional exposure for your station to our readership!

Also, we now have a high-quality all-genre radio show available for syndication, Eye On Jamz with host Tim Board. If your station would like to carry this popular show, contact Tim at


Interested in joining our Promotional Partner Program? Contact our Editor Kiki Plesha at and send her some information on your station, your website, and your contact information. If invited to join, we will require your logo transparency and an email to which our Broadcast Media Coordinator can forward the music. Also, if you are interested in carrying our radio show Eye On Jamz, let the Editor know!


Note: The music we share will vary depending on how many music tracks we receive for streaming in our publication and also, this is done with the written permission of the featured artist. All forwarded music is accompanied by a signed waiver bearing the artist’s signature that indicates their desire to participate in the Music Share Program. It is the station’s responsibility to be compliant with licensing and it is completely up to their program director’s discretion to add the music to the station's rotation. It is additionally the station’s responsibility to advise us of any changes to its website, name/logo, or other contact information.


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